Cancer and Nutrition

Vitamins, supplements, and other concoctions all have mega-doses of nutrients that our bodies need to fend off all sorts of diseases, including cancer. But should you be popping a handful of pills everyday, or just eating the right types of fresh food? Now there are studies that have shown that supplements might even help some cancer cells keep growing.

If you make fast food and coffee your two major food groups, you might need to grab a few pills every morning to get some semblance of nutrition. Your best bet might be to spend some time in the produce section of your favorite supermarket. Try ramping up your fruit and vegetable intake. Eat 3 servings of fruits or vegetables tomorrow, and the next day. Next week see if you can fit 5 into your shedule. Green things, orange things and yellow things abound with goodness and vitamins, and they all get made by sitting out in the sunshine.

MRI for Breast Scans

There have been a couple of studies that show the efficacy of MRI scans to augment breast cancer detection. Women who are at higher risk for breast cancer might be advised to look into this testing procedure as it has been found to detect more tumors than mammography alone.

The downside is the cost. An MRI breast scan can cost up to ten times as much as a traditional mammogram, but if it leads to an earlier detection, it might be worth it.